Asher Brewing Company believes that better ingredients make better beer. Only the finest organic malted barley and organic hops are used in each of our brews. Current seasonal selections in our taproom include:

Hippie Nectar Wheat

Our newest seasonal was inspired by spending time outdoors in the Colorado sunshine. This light, refreshing ale offers the perfect balance of organic wheat and citrus that pairs perfectly with summertime adventures. Additions of oranges and limes add a subtle sweetness to this brew. It’s far out, man!

IBU= 20                                   ABV= 5.0%

Jam Session IPA

We wanted to release something new for our seventh anniversary bash. With the help of Brewmaster DJ Jazzy Chris, we decided to create a session IPA that relies heavily on the late additions of Calypso and Azacca hops. With an additional  1lb per barrel of Cascade hops in the dry hop and oats for a smooth mouth feel, our Session IPA is jam-packed full of fruity goodness!

IBU= 31                                   ABV= 4.8%

Maceo Barker Oatmeal Stout

Crafted with organic oatmeal and a new variety of dark roasted malts, this silky smooth stout is 2% jazz, and 98% organic goodness. Distinctive notes of coffee and chocolate dance with the perfect balance of hops. The Maceo Barker goes down easy with a velvety mouthfeel that will leave you wanting more!

IBU= 30                                   ABV= 6.0%