Asher Brewing Company believes that better ingredients make better beer. Only the finest organic malted barley and organic hops are used in each of our brews. Current seasonal selections in our taproom include:

Ginger Bomb

With a light amber ale at its base, this brew is refreshing and sweet with just the right amount of organic ginger. Don’t let the name scare you, this bright and energetic seasonal style is of medium intensity on the ginger scale and pairs perfectly with a beautiful Colorado day. Enliven your senses with your new favorite adult ginger beer!

IBU= 20                                   ABV= 6.0%

 Café Kölsch

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe? We teamed up with Ampersand Coffee Roasters (Gunbarrel, CO) to create our one-of-a-kind Café Kölsch, a crisp golden ale infused with organic cold brew coffee! Now crafted with our proprietary blend of fair-trade beans, this caffeinated brew packs a punch of roasty coffee flavors with bright notes of lemon and blueberry. 

IBU= 25                                  ABV= 5.0%

Conscious Cacao Chocolate Porter

Brewed just in time for Earth Day, our Conscious Cacao Chocolate Porter offers the perfect blend of organic malts from Country Malt, sustainably sourced pure liquid cacao from Cholaca, and a delicate hop profile. Taste the difference that organic ingredients can make with each sip of our newest collaboration!

IBU= 25                                  ABV= 7.0%

Juicy Jam Session Pale Ale

Have you been enjoying the sweet, summer sunshine? Well this Pale Ale has arrived just in time to quench your thirst when the sun is heating things up. Brewed with Certified Organic grapefruits and oranges, this beer really brightens things up with citrus. Everything is wrapped up with a zesty dry hopped finish, leaving you wanting more. 

IBU= 40                                  ABV= 6.0%